“Who Am I?”


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First assignment for the animation class and first stop motion animation ever produced. The process was a extremely interesting and delightful, and I am totally amazed by numbers of pictures that can eventually turn into a motion.

I was glad and lucky to join the team with Yiting Liu and Xingjian An as they were in the middle of the production, and with understanding of I have missed some part of the entire production process, I tried my best to cover up everything that I have missed and participate with skills that I am good at.

Yiting and Xingjian did a great job on the story board and the construction paper. The story is simple but satisfying, and here is a brief plot of the story:

“A little cute monster made of plasticine appears on the screen. It rolls and bounce and down and finally stops at the center of the screen. Gradually eyes appear, followed by nose and mouth. It has various facial expressions.

An apple appears and shakes above the ball. It tries hard to reach the ball but fails until it stretches out its hands. It gets the apple and eats it with satisfaction. So excited it is that it jumps around and changes shape.

Suddenly, another monster comes up. These two are exactly the same so they are curious about each other. They do the same things just like a mirror. Finally they become friends, hug each other and go away together.”



Sketches of the plot

The shooting process is where I learn the most. Like what Yiting said, we started shooting during the day and finish at the night, so that the light changes and had some effects on the shooting, which is what we should keep in mind that the lighting is really important for shooting. So in order to make sure the brightness of every frame are similar, we need to change the parameters, like ISO, aperture, shutter speed and white balance from time to time.  Playing with the plasticine is fun, and which also helped us established a good color palette, since its easy to design the palette of the animation with different color choices of plasticine. The only problem with the plasticine is that it may requires some sculpturing skills, but I think we all did well with reasonable creature shapes.

I took full control of the editing since I only participate half of the shooting process. After spending some time on editing the raw shooting, I eventually capture the tone of the animation and find the right track for it. So after another hours of editing the audio part and adjusting the video to the audio, we finally finished the piece that we are all satisfied.

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