Typography is always something fascinates me in the field of graphic design, it makes every letters, numbers and symbols has an unique way to express its own style, meanwhile giving the reader a distinctive reading experience. This time I was given a chance to set my name in 6 different typefaces that say something about me or the unique letterforms of my name, and here is what is it like:

NameFrom the top to the bottom: Calibri, Corbel, Helvetica Neue, Arial, Future.

Apparently the majority of them are clear type that are designed for making text clearer to read on the LCD monitors. Caliber, Corbel and Arial are widely used on the Microsoft system, and also Arial is created based on the prestigious Helvetica Neue. The Future typeface may be a little bit more stylish compare the other 4 since it is more geometrically driven, but still not too funky to read and use in texts.

I would say I am a big fan of Sans-serif typefaces, although they all look normal and boring superficially, I always feel there is energy underneath each words that are in those typefaces. They are lucid and steady, which give me a feeling of infinite possibilities. Therefore, I usually set my name in those typefaces in order to express my personal style, and those 5 typefaces are the best to describe me Рnot too fancy but definitely decent (haha).

Additionally, my personal logo is designed based on the Helvetica Neue, which shows again my love to such typeface.


I also created 3 expressive words (round, pixel and circuit) and manipulated each of them a typefaces to express the meaning of the word.









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