Signage Design


For signage design, I believe the key point is to be effective through clear and intuitive information that  the design contents provide. By having a clear message within the design, people are able to comfortably locate where they are, what kind of services can they get here, and etc without misunderstandings.

As an example of a good signage design, I picked the way finding system of the Narita Airport, Tokyo, Japan.

150427_EYE_Terminal3Narita06.jpg.CROP.original-originalCompleted well in advance of the 2020 olympics in tokyo, Narita International Airport’s new terminal has been designed around an indoor running track. the color-coded circuit, which links the entirety of the scheme, not only helps with wayfinding, but also provides a comfortable walking experience throughout the terminal’s interior. Consequently, the terminal is unusual in that there are no moving walkways or illuminated signs, but instead a system of red and blue running lanes connects the project- blue pathways for departures and red for arrivals. (Source – Designboom)

Also, some bad signage designs.

IMG_6808I found this at lower East Side and I personally believe that the design has way too much of information on it, which make me have no idea what kind of service or products the company is providing or selling.


Pretty much the same problem. Too much information leads me to nowhere.


This one does not have too much information but obviously the design layout completely changes the purpose of the promotion. I am not sure about people would go somewhere to have some bad sushi. I picked this one to redesign in order to solve the problem.


I used the colors – black, white and orange in order to match with the original. Instead of having a vertical layout, I transferred it into a horizontal layout which I think it would be easy to understand and read. Getting rid of the big problem “B.A.D”, I put “Best, Delicious” below of the “Sushi and rolls” for just a purpose of having them as features of the Sushi and rolls the restaurant serves. I tried to design the Sushi typeface with a playful tone, alongside with the oriental waves patterns on the bottom to highlight the Japanese authenticity.

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