Print 15F – ICM Final



This is a computer generative visual of a random walk system based on customized rules as shown below.





2 3

4 5




Code is not purely abstract and mathematical, it also has significant aesthetic dimension. Therefore, by combining the power of computer and the beauty of codes, strong and meaningful visuals can be generated and presented in an unique fashion. Driven by this idea, I started to find the best part of computational media, is it the stunning animation? is it the interactivity? Or is it the data analyzing? For me, I am more attracted by the contrast between the code and the corresponding generated visuals – How did the simple text/code/command/description/story get transferred into something so vivid?  Or from the other end, does art has logical arguments supporting them from behind? As for right now, since those questions that I just mentioned are not comprehensive at all,  I don’t really expect there would be a good answer. Nevertheless, I think it is still worth for me to keep track of them, at least they are some ideas that might help me discover something interesting.


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