Pixel Figure – Color


First let’s get to the fun part: Link (Hold your mouse & move your mouse)


As seen in the java script, this pixel figure project was originally started from my 2015 ITP winter show poster design. I was inspired by the 90’s video game, and maybe its just me but the elements of technology, arts and humanity are strongly presented for some reason, so that I believe it is something that can perfectly speak of what we are devoting into right now. Geometric is something that I usually play with when comes to design, it is simple to start and at the end it would always turn into something that is beyond your expectation. So as a start of most of the visual technology, a pixel is coincidently what I use when I started designing this poster as well.

I originally have three themes that I carefully selected the color palette as shown above (Fire, Ocean and future), but since we are playing with color this time, I altered the codes and change the composition into a more colorful piece.

Additionally, a more interactive approach, I connected this Java Sketch to the arduino board alongside with a human detecting sensor. So when the arduino sees you, pixels start forming the image.


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