Laser cutting is definitely delighting since I never imagine that things can built so accurately by myself. The original idea was inspired by the 3D printing, it is like integration in math with three axises and simply build up object layers by layers. So with that idea I divided my teen-age favorite toy – pistol into 7 layers, and each layers has its parts.

I got lucky and found an illustrator file online from someone who made a rubber shooting gun, although the design is not what I look for (since the illustration in the file is more like a toy – looking gun, and I want a replica of a real pistol) I was able to get all the measurements of the size, so I took the file and redesigned every parts in order to fit my expectation.


This is the original look of the gun from someone on the internet.


And then I started redoing the design based on the original one.




I couple shots of the redesign process.


Then I break down all the parts into an overview version.

After the design part on the illustrator, I began the physical printing part.


First I measured the screw that I will use for connecting all the pieces together, and then change the size of holes on my design into 0.101 inch.


It took me three rounds of cutting for each job since my acrylic is pretty thick, and in the picture below are the parts that do not need to be engraved.


Here are the parts that are engraved. I cut them first and then keep them in the machine for the engraving process.


Final look of the work.

IMG_7792 IMG_7789 IMG_7790 IMG_7791

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