ASWeek5 – Marina Abromovic

Marina Abromovic performed Rhythm 0 in 1974 which is, in my opinion, one of the most moving and thought provoking performances ever done. Abromovic placed seventy two different objects on a table in front of her, some which could be pleasurable including a feather and others that could cause pain or even death. The audience was encouraged to interact with Abromovik using any of the objects while she sat through it without any resistance. In the beginning many people were timid and used more of the pleasurable objects, but as the people became aware that Abromovic was really not going to respond, the people became more violent. They cut her and stuck thorns in her and one man even held a loaded gun to her head. When the piece was over and Abromovic stood up, the people quickly fled. This art piece displays the battle between humanity and civilization versus brutality and animalistic behavior, which is also exhibited in Titus Andronicus. It would appear that most people are driven to animalistic urges and violence when there are not any repercussions for their behavior. Even in what we would consider a civilized society, we still see a level of violence just as exhibited in Titus Andronicus in Rome which the Elizabethans considered to be the height of civilization and the ideas they built their society from.

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