Furry Light


Inspired by the dark fairy tales, I made 5 of those monster-head like LED lights by making each a LED holder and sew them together with cotton stuffed in.

I started with a random object I found in the junk shelve, the size meets my expectation so I decided to make the LED holder base on the size of it.












I measured the radius of the object, LED and the nail that I might need to use.

IMG_7617 IMG_7618IMG_7616

After I got all the measurement, I laser-cut the aryclic board and got the light cap.


Then it is the wood working part, I measured out the random object on a wood block, and then used the size matching saw to cut out the same tube shape.


I used a LED size drill bit to drill a hole for inserting the LED.


After I got the tube out, I sliced it into 5 pieces.



See if it all fits.


I initially wanted to use three nails to drill in, but since each wood piece is too thin to drill nails in,  I decided simply pulled three holes with a small screwdriver and then wire them up

IMG_7655 IMG_7658 IMG_7657

Here is a final look of what it looks like without the fur.


The sewing part was really a big hassle and I really could not find a better way to do it. What I did is I bought 2 stuffed toys and deconstructed them into fabrics that I will wrap the light around.

IMG_7640 IMG_7641 IMG_7642IMG_7662

After I sewed it up and stuffed in cotton, I tested if it does get the effect that I expected to have and I worked out pretty well.


I repeated the sewing process and finished the last 4.





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