PCOM Final Proposal – Paradoxical Process

pcomp proposal

“She Wouldn’t Let You Approach Her, Although Her Heart is All of You.”

Human mind is intriguing, sometimes when you behave, your mind is just thinking about the opposite, which especially ubiquitous in human relationship. I was trying to figure out the answer behind this odd psychologic problem – what’s driving us to behave and think differently? but now rather than digging out the answer, experimenting this paradoxical process becomes something that I am more interested in.


Now think about the scenario,


Amanda adores Sam and she thinks about him all the time,

Although with that mindset she wouldn’t let Sam get into her comfort zone by being indifferent when Sam is close to her.


Sam already knows that Amanda is thinking about him,

But he is not satisfying with knowing this much, so that he attempts to approach Amanda whenever is possible for more information.

This process goes on and on between Amanda and Sam.

This process only ends when Sam stops approaching Amanda.

Amanda stops thinking about Sam when Sam stops approaching Amanda.

Amanda knows that she should let Sam in.

Sam knows that he has already got the answer and he should stops approaching her.

But they all did the opposite.


Since I am manipulating this human process with machinery/robotics, here is the chart of how it get transferred.


*The interior part is defaulted as accessible, for the purpose of revealing the paradox through comparing it with the exterior.

*The essence is the paradoxical process rather than representing human with machinery .

So here is how it executed with machinery/robotics.


The Machine has a visual display that shows the human as the human gets into a certain distance.

When the human is too close to the machine, the machine covers up the visual display so that the human would not see the contents.


Human can see the contents from a certain distance.

But human is not satisfying with knowing this much, so that the human attempts to get close to the Machine for more information.

This process goes on and on between human and the machine.

This process only ends when human stops approaching the machine.

Machine opens up the cover and the image of the human fades away as the human leaves.

The machine should not cover up the display.

Human knows that he has already got the answer and he should stops approaching the machine.

But they all did the opposite.

With this overall concept, I break the machine (my project) into two parts – a display monitor representing the mind, and a iris mechanism representing the behavior. A distance sensor will be attached to the iris mechanism for measuring the distance, and a Kinect camera will be connected to the monitor and installed on the roof so that it will capture the human from “a above in the sky” angle.  This is a overall diagram of how it will be set up.


*Note that the monitor and the Iris will be attached together.

Kinect will have a range of video capturing that is larger than the distance that will trigger the iris mechanism closing, so that the human would be able to see his/herself in the monitor through the Iris from a safe distance. As the human approaches to the monitor and reach a certain distance to see his/herself closely, the distance sensor will metaphorically tell the motor that the human is close and the motor will close the iris to prevent human from seeing whats inside.

Generally, this is pretty much the concept and plan for this project. Currently I am working on the Iris, and a prototype is done which works perfectly. Since I am making the iris in a pretty big scale (30in X 30in), I am still trying to figure out what kind of gears, motors and design should I have for making the big one moving perfectly. The materials that I use is Delrin since it has low friction and perfect for mechanism.

Here is the process of making the Iris prototype. I originally found a file online and redesigned that fits my need and aesthetic. So I laser cut the parts and assembled them into my very first iris.


For the purpose of using a servo to drive the iris, I added gears to my iris mechanism and screwed the center 5 points into a wooden stand so it would not shift when driving.


I cut the round shaped wooden base for making a servo motor some area.


Pretty much there and ready for testing.


Now as I am waiting for the materials, I have a little time to figure out the problem of which gear and motor should I use for my big iris, hopefully it will work out smoothly.

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