I have had this bamboo tray laying my drawer for a good amount of time, and I think now could be a good time to make it into something interesting. So first I measured out the height and width of the open area and the diameter of the buttons that I would like to put onto the panel board I am about to make.


5.413 in x 3.4049 in for the bamboo tray open area


1.077 in diameter for the large button


0.843in diameter for the small button

Then I drew the illustrator file based on the measurements I got.


Had the laser printer cut out the parts from a sheet of acrylic.

IMG_7835 IMG_7836

Since the push buttons are higher than the volume-height of the bamboo tray, I have to use the bit to dig a little deeper in the areas where the buttons touch, in order to have the panel nicely inserted into the bamboo tray.


I added a layer of tape around the panel board so that the panel board will be tight enough to prevent being lose and nicely stay in the bamboo tray.

IMG_7840IMG_7841 (1)

It worked out nicely as I expected, the panel board is firmly placed onto the bamboo tray.


Some final shots on the enclosure.

IMG_7855 (2) IMG_7856 (1) IMG_7858

I engraved the back to make it less dull.

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