“Emergency” (Creative Circuit)


This is a creative circuit that features a “touch” switch and a theme of “Emergency”.


The sense of touch fascinates me, it is like some sort of nostalgic sci-fi experience that I indulged since I was a kid. So this time as I am creating a circuits that features a unique switch, I choose to light up something with the action of touch.

At first I simply hooked up a circuit board with a piece of aluminum board and gave it a couple try to see if this idea is feasible. I drilled a hole on the aluminum board and wired it up with a jumper (connected to the ground), then I tried to light up the LED by tapping the board with another jumper (connected to the +). As expected the LED was lighten up.


In order to make it easy to touch/tap, I made a keyboard alike touch pad for comfortable access.IMG_7435

Then I folded up two aluminum covers for two of my controlling fingers and connected both to the +.


It worked well for lighting up the LEDs by touching each of the touch pads.


As I gave a couple more try, I found that the jumpers sometimes get jumble up in the area between the breadboard and the touchpad and unexpectedly lights up LEDs. So I made a wooden cover in the middle and have the jumpers go through it in order to prevent such problem.

IMG_7462 After enhancing the design and upgrading the exterior, I was able to end up with a neat and mobile object that has three LEDs alongside with a touchpad and two finger gloves. Since the LEDs flashes blue and yellow, which reminds me of police car sirens and a sense of emergency, I named this circuit “Emergency” and the process of tapping (for lighting the LEDs) also gives it a vintage telegram feel.


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