“Emergency” 2.0


The Emergency 2.0 is an updated version of my previous pcom project, which features a touch pad switch but involves Arduino programing such as digital input/output and analog input this time.

As I started with the Arduino programing first, I roughly sketched the effects that I want to have on my design.


Its basically a mocking police lighting that includes 3 different flashes. I researched and found out that there are different types of police light flashes, and they are each designed for different occasions. I did not go too deep on what kind of the occasions my 3 selected flashes are being used,  but you can see them in the video above as they are Quint Flash (R/L – L/R), Quad/Single (L/R – R/L) and Acceleration Flash (L/R – L/R).

After I concluded all the flashes, I wrote the codes on the Arduino program based on the knowledge I learn from the previous class. Pretty much setting up 3 switches for 3 flashes, 4 red LEDs, 4 blue LEDs and a analog input for the Acceleration Flash (increase and decrease the delay). So I tested my codes a few time with my breadboard, and it all works pretty well with the 3 ways of flashes .


(The potentiometer for the analog input)


(I found a wire-protector-alike thing on the junk shelve, and I was surprised a LED can fit in nicely. So I cut it into a moderate length, put it on top of my 8 LEDs, it looks a lot more like a police light on top of the police car).

As I finished the computing part, I started working on the physical part. I completely upgraded the previous setting with fresh-cut copper board for electric conducting and acrylic board for cushioning on the wooden bed.

IMG_7553 IMG_7555

Then I attached the jumpers to the touch pad.


As I was approaching the final stage, I placed the compete Arduino circuit board and the breadboard on the wooden bed for a outlook of the prototype.


And then finalize it by connecting the touchpad to the breadboard.



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