Dream, Vision, Goal, and Plan



Not necessarily a dream, but I really something I am interested in. Converting computer generative visuals into something physical really catches my attention, this abnormal way of presenting something that can be easily showed with computer challenges me and delights me at the same time, therefore I am always seeking to discover what surprisingly stunning visuals can we create just with physicals components that we can find in the world that we are living in.


Over the break I found my old topology book and reviewed some of the contents that I studied when I was in undergrad, as we can consider donut and a mug as the same thing, we could also decompose many physical object into low poly architect. Here is where my idea starts, creating something simply out of fundamental geometric shapes such as triangles.


Hopefully I can come out with something more massive than what I made last semester. Currently I just got a bunch of hinges, these little things can be my edges and I will laser cut some acrylic triangles as my faces so that I could start prototyping as early as possible. Probably will play with some linear actuator for better movement.  Kind of want to make really polish project and I think being polish does not merely mean good looking, but also mead solid fundamental work.


  • Feb 17 – Prototyping, and examine the idea
  • Mar 2   – Prototyping, and production
  • Mar 23 – Production
  • April 6  –  Production
  • April 20 – Installation

*Picture of David Letellier’s work

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