Blue Swallow Logo Design


When talking about a good logo design, my personal belief is that it should be both an aesthetically appealing illustration and an accurate representation of the organization or the company. In general, it has to be both beautiful and relevant at the same time.

The logo I picked this time is the logo of the Monocle Magazine.


Monocle is magazine that was launched in 2007 as a magazine briefing on global affairs, business, culture, design and more, they believed there was a globally minded audience of readers who were hungry for opportunities and experiences beyond their national borders. I first came cross Monocle because of their design focuses, I was surprised by their steady and solid logo rather than a funky appearance that are usually used by design related organization. Monocle logo is designed by Winkreative with the lead of Tyler Brûlé who is also the chairman of the Wallpaper* magazine. Although not too much information is provided from the site, the idea of Monocle could be the tool that help you scrutinize every words on a piece of reading (which represents their attitude towards making great detailed paper media), so kind of started with the letter M. The design itself it is like a storytelling picture, the circle and the letter M may represent the business and global affairs that they focus, the little twist inside of the letter M highlights their attention on design, and lastly the Monocle typeface reminds me of the classic British aesthetic which pays back to their London root.

I personally really like their design application on different kinds of products such as magazine, books, website, store, scents and etc. They maintain a perfect consistency with their unique logo, icons, typeface, color(Black & Yellow) and illustrations.






City Guides






Although it is a simple logo, the overall identity never get lost from the logo, and it is super applicable on any relevant products, which helps to maintain the consistency. I believe these are some key characteristics that make the logo so special and great.

I also did a logo design of a fictional business that I hope to start. The story is, I always want to open a lifestyle store that offers great designed daily use objects and tools that can delight people with better quality since that is one of my mothers’ passion; at the store you may find a designed book, hand-made ceramic cups, wooden trays, crafted stationary and etc. Due to the fact that it is a tribute to my mother, I used her last name as the name of the store which in Chinese is “海燕”- the meaning of a swallow flying across the ocean. She is a neat, light and sophisticated woman so I stick with those three adjectives when designing the logo. Also, since its a swallow flying across the ocean, the image of the ocean and the sky is also incorporated into the design.

Swallow Concept  

I started with a graphic swallow in sea-blue which represents the ocean, and then the sky-blue air bubble represents the sky, I arranged the bubble purposely and clip mask the sea blue swallow onto it in order to create a combination of both aspects. At the end I slightly adjust the air bubbles on the swallow and made it also look like an oriental flying kit, which also tribute to our root China. I used the Helvetica Neue in altra-light to create an light and elegant feel to the overall design, and the word “blue” seems to be the best word came across my mind that can well described both the ocean and the sky, so I give name the business the “Blue Swallow”.


My mom is surprised and delight about this design, we both hope one day this store will become real, and see her Blue Swallow flag floating in the air outside of the store.


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