In my opinion, multimedia artists share one characteristic, which is they are versatile on medians such as sculptures, paintings, photography , installations and etc. Generally, they express their idea by any means. Just like Hans Haacke and Rauschenberg. Both of them also share interests in politics. They both are perplexed by the political rights and how it is being used, although both of them have used different ways to express their regards on this issue. Haacke’s arts is conceptual and indirect, he is giving us a question that is waited to be answered.  From Haacke’s pieces, we can reveal the complex social issue that he is focusing on.


Blue Sail | 1964-65

I believe everyone may have different understanding on an art piece , for example Hans’Blue sail. Artist’s concept is formally minimal, and my perspective on this piece is more about tension and force, I found they are related since I have experience on linear and nonlinear force analysis. Many artists were inspired and started focusing on the form of process and understanding of a pieces in different frame of time. The appearance of the smooth and curve surface seems familiar, it makes me thinks of the relation between nature and mathematics, to the point that I questioned any difference at all. As if the fabric shows a hidden mapping of the winds force.

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