Slitscan Series

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For the PXP midterm, I experienced with storing pixel for a short amount of time and as the buffer is processed the image will renew the frame. I used this […]


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Lineage is a series of computer generative visuals based on a custom rule that is assigned to each moving particles, which includes behaviors such as individual wandering and separations between […]

Face Processing

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  A continued exploration of the Head Counter. Calculating and processing recognized faces with Haar Classifier. Train the Haar Classifier to block everyone except Ringo Starr, but since I only […]

Furry Red

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Nature of code assignment 4. System of a system of a system, organizing codes, disposing archives and faking depth of field.

Head Counter

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After weeks of understanding the tool designing process, I finally decided the essential function of my tool is about image processing. But before we get to process the image we […]